(G)MASES is Golf Made Sense by focusing on 4 things: Instruction, Transition, Fitness, and Club Fitting by providing the highest quality of service that is tailored to your needs. Simply put, as a member of our program, we will do our utmost best to provide you with VIP treatment. We are not limited to offering golf instructions as part of our service, but also combine services in the fitness aspect, club fitting, and transition onto the golf course. All of these services are in-house and in one place, very unique in the industry where we work hand in hand to improve all aspects of your golf game.


We provide high quality and customized instructions to each student, utilizing high end technology, including high speed cameras that provide feedback on every swing, position of the clubhead on impact, and all relevant numbers we need to know. In (G)MASES, we understand that everyone’s needs and goals are different. Therefore we will strive to create a personalized step-by-step program on how to achieve your goals based on what your body can do, and how to work around your limitations. Every person is built differently and swings differently. It is our job to help you find the maximum limit of what your body can do and explain it to you.


In the second step, we transition from simulator to the golf course and real golf scenarios. Although we use high end golf simulator programs (that allows for play and practice in some of the infamous golf courses around the world, which makes practicing fun and engaging for all ages), at the end of the day, simulators do not provide the same playing experience as playing on a real course.

In the simulator, we are hitting off of a carpet, and in the golf course we will hit on real grass and turf. If we miss-hit from the carpet, we can still get away with a good shot because the club will just bounce off the carpet, but we won’t have that luxury when we play on the real turf.

Therefore we believe that transitioning from the practice carpet to the real golf course is important so that we can start developing FEEL and TOUCH around the greens and on the golf course, especially in our short game area because we all have heard it before: Drive for show and putt for dough. If we are unable to putt and chip well, it would be very difficult to score well and win tournaments (and money from friends and competitors).


Third, your body fitness, flexibility and strength. In (G)MASES, one of the reasons why we believe it’s made sense, simple and easy is the fact that we are a convenient ONE-STOP destination that will provide everything that you need for your golf game. Fitness and club fitting aspects are provided in the same facility, so if you have any questions and concerns about anything related to golf and how to improve your game and limitations, look no further.


Last but not least, the club fitting. Golf manufacturers generally make one-fit-for-all out of the rack golf clubs. What happens when you buy an out of the rack golf club without knowing much about it? It could be too heavy, too long, too short, too flexible of a shaft, too stiff, too flat, too upright — one or a combination of these will impact the way you swing and compensate just to consistently hit the ball in the middle of the face.

As we’ve discovered, the way our body works and swings are different from each other. How can we expect to play to our maximum capabilities if we swing the same cookie cutter clubs and putter from the manufacturers? This is where club fitting comes into play.

Take your game to the next level