It is safe to say that before Tiger Woods came to his professional golf journey in 1996, less than 1% of golfers and golf professionals were lifting weights and improving their golf game through fitness. Only one other name comes to mind when it comes to fitness and lifting weights before the Tiger Woods era: Gary Player or “the Black Knight” from South Africa. Even though Gary was small in stature compared to “the Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus and “the King” Arnold Palmer, because of his fitness, he was able to compete at the highest level and won 24 PGA Tour titles and 9 majors. Now in his late 80s, Gary Player still remains very healthy and active because of his lifestyle and fitness regime.

After Tiger Woods became a professional player, the world discovered his fitness regime and realized how important it is for a golfer to be first and foremost an athlete to compete at the highest level. 99% or more of professional golfers have some sort of fitness and conditioning programs that they follow. Even ordinary everyday golfers can very much benefit from improving our fitness, flexibility, mobility, conditioning, and strength. We do it to play better, prevent injuries, prolong the longevity of our golf game and to stay healthy and in shape overall.

Here in Golf Made Sense, we work to improve your physical fitness, flexibility, core strength, conditioning, and mobility. A few notable clients that they work with are: LPGA Tour player Lizette Salas, PGA Tour player Sahith Theegala, No. 1 women’s amateur Rose Zhang, and many more tour players.

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