Cancellation Policy

Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. We understand that sometimes, unexpected delays can occur, making schedule adjustments necessary. If you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24 hour notice.
Our Policy:

    Any cancellation or reschedule request made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee will be equal to one full session of the reserved services.
    If you are late for your service, we may not be able to accommodate you for the full time paid for.
    We require all appointments to be paid for in advance.

If I buy a 3 months or 6 months program, do I have to finish it in that period of time?  
No. The 3 months and 6 months programs will help you know how long you will finish the whole program if you just attend one hour a week. There is no time limit on how fast or how slow you want to finish the hours given to you on the program.

What happens if I buy an hour lesson and want to continue the long term program? Can I transfer that one hour and deduct it from the long term program?
Yes. Absolutely