Everyone is built differently, therefore, everyone’s swing is different. Even when we watch PGA and LPGA tours, no two swings are the same because they are all different people, size, heights, strength, and limitations. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses in their bodies, sometimes injuries and different surgeries. The question is: how can we expect to play the best and maximum golf possible for ourselves if the golf clubs are not fitted to us? And to what extent do we want to sacrifice our swings and abilities to match our golf clubs that might be too heavy, too long, too flat, too stiff and a putter that is not doing what we want it to do when we putt and expect the ball to get in the hole everytime with the best possible score?

At Golf MASES, we can tackle and eliminate that problem for you. Alvaro is the club master builder and fitter in CA Golf. For more than a decade, he has worked in bending and fitting clubs that you can hit with the maximum outcome possible.

A funny story is that before I was fitted by Alvaro, I was not able to break under par even though I knew how I could improve my own golf game. After my clubs were inspected and bent by Alvaro, right a week after I was able to shoot under par golf not once, but several times. Now I’m very confident when I play and know that my clubs will work the best for me in how I swing. Keep in mind, I only carry my driver 250 yards average and 275 total with around 105-110 club head speed. Imagine what I could do if I could carry it 275 yards and hit it 300 yards on average. It would possibly be a different golf game for me.


So, let us take a look at your golf clubs and what improvements can be made to maximize performance. We believe that for you, golf would not be the same again, and you would be glad that you won’t be buying your golf clubs mainly due to TV commercials.

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